Stop ANYTIME for Coffee!

I have to admit coffee has been a passion of mine for years. I recall visiting Seattle, Washington back in the early 90’s before Starbucks had an international presence and was considered “THE COFFEE SHOP”. There is nothing like stopping anytime and picking up your favorite beverage when the urge hits whether its a machiatto latte, an Americano with an extra shot and room for creme or a good cappaccino or on a rather hot day an iced latte and yes with an extra shot! I recall when I worked for UPS (package car driver for 13 years in downtown Greenville) that stopping for 10 minutes seemed to be too long and I never had the chance to really STOP, RELAX and enjoy the way I wanted. I would always stop at Coffee Underground located at 1 East Coffee Street in Greenville, SC – now THAT IS A PEFECT ADDRESS AND LOCATION for a coffee shop isn’t it?

Now, since living in Brazil (2001) and being my own boss, I have been without your European, American style coffee shops for the most part but I have learned how to make these drinks EXACTLY how I want them and yes I make them when the URGE hits! In fact the beauty of working for yourself and having access to an opportunity like Coastal Travel where you can earn $1000-$9705 EVERY TIME, that has been designed for anyone to succeed is to be able to stop at anytime for that choice beverage, and travel when you want, with who you want and see the cultures of the world. You can’t put a price on that! FYI, I bought my expresso machine in Italy, no better place to get one!

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Coastal Travel Sets the Standard

After finding the Coastal Business Opportunity back in 2002 it was very interesting to see other companies try to copy and out do Coastal’s marketing & compensation plan. The secret to Coastal’s duplicable success is SIMPLICITY! So many new companies have compensation plans that you need a doctorate degree to understand. If you are looking for a SOLID, PROVEN, SIMPLE business to run (part time or full time from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection) with huge profit margin you have come to the right place. Oh yeh, in addition throw in my 8 years of experience and commitment to stand by you every step of the way to see to your success. Could you use an extra $3000 this month? Let’s talk 864.640.8505 or click here.

What AIN’T Broke Don’t Need Fixin…

In the day and age when everyone, well almost everyone could use extra money for many different reasons it is comforting to know there is a place to come to! After a series of choices and an investment that went bad back in 2002, I turned to the internet and found Coastal Travel Business. What grabbed my immediate attention was the fact that you could earn $1000-$9705 EVERY TIME. In my situation at the time, I thought if I just made 2 sales a month, I could see myself getting out of debt quickly. What actually happened was incredible. I began to get calls from the last place on earth you would even think of in getting my 1st 3 profit sales. I had a gal in Cairo Egypt who gave me a call here in Brazil ready to get started. Not only was that amazing in itself but she went on to make 5 sales of her own in less than 2 months. I had a gentleman that contacted me from Bahrain in the same fashion. He too got started and went on to make profit sales. He sent me gifts for my assisting him when he needed it. Folks, this is a real business that brings REAL RESULTS. This is not MLM, you don’t need to build some kind a downline to make good money and you do not need to keep buying to stay active. Just a onetime investment of one of the 3 memberships and according to which one that you buy determines whether you authorized to earn $1000 every time or $9705. For more info give me a call direct at 864.640.8505 or click here.