About Eric

“Internationally Known Success Story” Eric Dye & founder of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network has been running his business from a rural town in Brazil since 2002. After making a foreign investment that went sour, Eric turned to the internet as a 911 source in his then, financial crisis. It wasn’t until he found the Coastal Vacation work from home business that changed everything. This was & has been his vehicle to financial freedom. He says, where can you work from anywhere in the world, plug into a duplicable system and earn $1000-$9705 EVERY TIME? If you are needing a rapid turn around financially, this is the TICKET. Eric has looked into hundreds of opportunities and there is nothing out there that can do for you what Coastal can that allows one to work from the confines of their home office or away from home where ever that may be. If you are looking for financial freedom or a 360 degree turn around financially, Eric is dedicated to working with you to help you experience the success YOU DESERVE!

You can follow Eric Dye on Twitter @EricDye.


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