What could as little as $1,000 extra monthly do for you?

Let’s face it, in these times the talk is tough, people all over the nation are out of work, the media talks day and night about how bad the economy is & maybe it’s not good but somebody out there is making good money because everywhere you turn, the stadiums are full, parking lots at entertainment events are FULL to capacity, restaurants are packed, plates are full and lots of food left on the plate at that at an empty table. Now, you are here more than likely because you need MORE. How much more do you need? I will keep it simple, what could $1000 extra do for you per month? For as little as 10 hours a week effort, you could be making AT LEAST that and more with what I have been doing for nearly a decade. The real deal opportuntiy awaits… For more information click here – fill out the form and get the details. See you on the other side.


Coastal Vacations Radio

Just a brief post to let you know about a great radio format location to get the latest information about one of the most solid home business opportunities to help you get on the fast track to financial freedom. When I say financial freedom that could mean something different to 1000 individuals. The truth is, I can’t think of a better way to pay off debt, help more people financially, have more in less time, make more per hour than you have ever experienced….I guess I could go on and on. Check out the new Coastal Vacations Radio Channel and subscribe for the lastest shows.  For more information on how you can earn $1000-$9700 every time — click here.

It is all about your WHY with Eric Dye

It is all about your WHY! The most successful people in any home business will always hinge on how they know clearly what their why is. As I speak with hundreds of people looking to better themselves for various reasons – I always ask what their why is. Here are the reasons most common:

  • Pay off debt
  • Supplement their income.
  • Need to work from home.
  • Wants to work their own hours – wants time control.
  • Need to leverage time from working various part-time jobs.
  • Sick and tired of just getting by.
  • Want more in life.
  • Preparation for company downsizing.
  • Wants to pay cash for home or car.

Now all these reasons are broad and general. But by getting down to the very details and specifics – I need $5,000 extra a month. I want to pay off my debt of $65,000 in the next 12 months. This is being specific – you get the idea. The more specific you are in your why, the more it will DRIVE YOU. Without knowing your why, it would be the same as taking a trip with no planned destination. It would be costly and very tiring.

Once you know your why, and have set your goals, then you next need to find a vehicle that can help get you there. You can’t drive from Atlanta, GA to Paris, France. You need the proper vehicle to get you there. I couldn’t or should I say wouldn’t want to walk from here to Sao Paulo. That would take me weeks to get there. By finding the vehicle to get you to your desired destination quickest, you can feel more at ease knowing you are going to get there. There may be delays or layovers but overall – it’s your best bet and quickest means on arriving at your destination.

Let me recommend a vehicle that I have personally experienced as my 747 to financial & time freedom. In fact it is a personal development machine – taking you from where you are now and having you arrive at a level personally that you could never even imagine. Had I even thought some nearly 10 years ago, that I would have experienced such success so quickly – I would said yeh, right, tell me another one!

Coastal Vacations is the best vehicle for anyone, anywhere in any situation to get you to your DESTINATION. Where can you find an opportunity where you can replace a full time income in 90 days or less – all done from home and all generated online that pays you better and more quickly?

Coastal allows one to make $1000-$9705 every time, and with even 2 transactions a month falling in between that range – you can see quickly how you WILL ARRIVE at your destination – IN STYLE!

Remember, it is all about your why and by knowing that clearly – Coastal as your vehicle can get you there quickly and in STYLE.

Coastal Vacations is a Stress Reliever with Eric Dye

The Coastal Vavations Business Opportunity is a stress reliever. Sometimes I have to control myself without sounding redundant or from being off on a limb but I am so thankful that I found this opportunity back in 2002. Who wants to wake up stressed out with the lack of money to pay your bills, lack of money to buy the things you need let alone wake up with debt – period? No one does! But since being involved with Coastal I have been able to relax, wake up with a sense of hope that I can achieve whatever I want and really make what I want – just simply put forth the effort consistently. I will admit I reward myself too often by taking a month off after having a $30,000 + month but I do believe as long as my pedal is to the FLOOR – making a million dollars in one year is doable. If you could use an extra $3000 a month click here or talk to me so we can get you set up in your new business giving you hope for a BRIGHTER future and a better quality of life.

My Daily Routine – 10 Years Plus Self Employed with Eric Dye

When you hear of people being self employed I am sure the first thought is – well what is the daily routine like of one – working from home – the home office. Is there any envy? Years ago when I used to work at United Parcel Service I would get up and be out the door in less than an hour with no time to hardly think – under heavy stress knowing the level of responsibility before me for each and every day. I did that for 13 years until I incurred a career ending injury.

The joy that comes from being self employed is the fact you set your schedule, take off when you want, go to the dentist for a check up without having to skip your lunch to take care of those simple things. The downside is – it’s ALL on you to be a success but the UPSIDE is there is total freedom in it ALL! Why make your company ALL the money and you make pennies in comparison? How much are you worth per hour? I can tell you – if you are working for someone else – more than likely you are not getting paid what you are worth.

When I get up, I get up when — I wake up, watch a little news, ESPN Sportscenter, eat breakfast which always includes the best coffee in the world – Brazilian Coffee – then a time in prayer getting ready for the day. I get the opportunity to meet great people every day from every walk of life who are in NEED. The ability to help someone change their life on a daily basis – YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON THAT!

There is nothing like having financial freedom, impacting others at the same time. Why not take a good look at Coastal to see if it is for you or not. It’s been my personal solution since 2002.

Focus On What You Want with Eric Dye

Focus on what you want is the KEY to success. If a baseball player didn’t know what he wanted he probably wouldn’t swing at the ball being pitched to him. If the basketball player didn’t know what he wanted, he wouldn’t shoot to score. You get the idea with those very simple examples. So whatever it is that has brought you here, before anything else, you need to know what it is that you want and focus on how to accomplish that. Is it it to pay debt? Is it to pay your bills? Is it to replace a full or part time income? Is it to travel more, more spending money, buy a new car OR to have total financial freedom? When you nail that down you are a step away from being on your way to obtaining what it is that you want. Coastal Travel is certainly the best and most easiest way to obtain any of the things I mentioned above. I have been associated with Coastal since 2002 and I can’t not imagine a better solution to give you the better things in this life than Coastal. You earn $1000-$9705 EVERYTIME? You have access to a marketing system that is ready to plug in and use. You don’t have to worry where to find potential clients – system finds them for you. Full training and support! For more details click here – you can have those things that you want if you FOCUS and ACT!