My Daily Routine – 10 Years Plus Self Employed with Eric Dye

When you hear of people being self employed I am sure the first thought is – well what is the daily routine like of one – working from home – the home office. Is there any envy? Years ago when I used to work at United Parcel Service I would get up and be out the door in less than an hour with no time to hardly think – under heavy stress knowing the level of responsibility before me for each and every day. I did that for 13 years until I incurred a career ending injury.

The joy that comes from being self employed is the fact you set your schedule, take off when you want, go to the dentist for a check up without having to skip your lunch to take care of those simple things. The downside is – it’s ALL on you to be a success but the UPSIDE is there is total freedom in it ALL! Why make your company ALL the money and you make pennies in comparison? How much are you worth per hour? I can tell you – if you are working for someone else – more than likely you are not getting paid what you are worth.

When I get up, I get up when — I wake up, watch a little news, ESPN Sportscenter, eat breakfast which always includes the best coffee in the world – Brazilian Coffee – then a time in prayer getting ready for the day. I get the opportunity to meet great people every day from every walk of life who are in NEED. The ability to help someone change their life on a daily basis – YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON THAT!

There is nothing like having financial freedom, impacting others at the same time. Why not take a good look at Coastal to see if it is for you or not. It’s been my personal solution since 2002.


Stop ANYTIME for Coffee!

I have to admit coffee has been a passion of mine for years. I recall visiting Seattle, Washington back in the early 90’s before Starbucks had an international presence and was considered “THE COFFEE SHOP”. There is nothing like stopping anytime and picking up your favorite beverage when the urge hits whether its a machiatto latte, an Americano with an extra shot and room for creme or a good cappaccino or on a rather hot day an iced latte and yes with an extra shot! I recall when I worked for UPS (package car driver for 13 years in downtown Greenville) that stopping for 10 minutes seemed to be too long and I never had the chance to really STOP, RELAX and enjoy the way I wanted. I would always stop at Coffee Underground located at 1 East Coffee Street in Greenville, SC – now THAT IS A PEFECT ADDRESS AND LOCATION for a coffee shop isn’t it?

Now, since living in Brazil (2001) and being my own boss, I have been without your European, American style coffee shops for the most part but I have learned how to make these drinks EXACTLY how I want them and yes I make them when the URGE hits! In fact the beauty of working for yourself and having access to an opportunity like Coastal Travel where you can earn $1000-$9705 EVERY TIME, that has been designed for anyone to succeed is to be able to stop at anytime for that choice beverage, and travel when you want, with who you want and see the cultures of the world. You can’t put a price on that! FYI, I bought my expresso machine in Italy, no better place to get one!

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