It is all about your WHY with Eric Dye

It is all about your WHY! The most successful people in any home business will always hinge on how they know clearly what their why is. As I speak with hundreds of people looking to better themselves for various reasons – I always ask what their why is. Here are the reasons most common:

  • Pay off debt
  • Supplement their income.
  • Need to work from home.
  • Wants to work their own hours – wants time control.
  • Need to leverage time from working various part-time jobs.
  • Sick and tired of just getting by.
  • Want more in life.
  • Preparation for company downsizing.
  • Wants to pay cash for home or car.

Now all these reasons are broad and general. But by getting down to the very details and specifics – I need $5,000 extra a month. I want to pay off my debt of $65,000 in the next 12 months. This is being specific – you get the idea. The more specific you are in your why, the more it will DRIVE YOU. Without knowing your why, it would be the same as taking a trip with no planned destination. It would be costly and very tiring.

Once you know your why, and have set your goals, then you next need to find a vehicle that can help get you there. You can’t drive from Atlanta, GA to Paris, France. You need the proper vehicle to get you there. I couldn’t or should I say wouldn’t want to walk from here to Sao Paulo. That would take me weeks to get there. By finding the vehicle to get you to your desired destination quickest, you can feel more at ease knowing you are going to get there. There may be delays or layovers but overall – it’s your best bet and quickest means on arriving at your destination.

Let me recommend a vehicle that I have personally experienced as my 747 to financial & time freedom. In fact it is a personal development machine – taking you from where you are now and having you arrive at a level personally that you could never even imagine. Had I even thought some nearly 10 years ago, that I would have experienced such success so quickly – I would said yeh, right, tell me another one!

Coastal Vacations is the best vehicle for anyone, anywhere in any situation to get you to your DESTINATION. Where can you find an opportunity where you can replace a full time income in 90 days or less – all done from home and all generated online that pays you better and more quickly?

Coastal allows one to make $1000-$9705 every time, and with even 2 transactions a month falling in between that range – you can see quickly how you WILL ARRIVE at your destination – IN STYLE!

Remember, it is all about your why and by knowing that clearly – Coastal as your vehicle can get you there quickly and in STYLE.


Reaching More People Per Hour Making it Even Easier

Today’s technology makes it even easier to reach more people per hour than ever before. It’s because of technology that some nearly 10 years ago I found a business opportunity in an email that would allow me to work from home, even outside the Unites States which has enabled me to earn 6 figures annually over the duration of my tenure with the same organization since 2002.  When I got started in the day, the type of advertising mostly used was buying email list in bulk from reputable sources. After purchase you would then load them into your auto-responder email series provided by the organization and the masses would receive a series of emails about your specific business opportunity until they opted out or until they made a purchase. It worked very well. Ezine ads were also popular, affordable and worked but the downside was you never knew which ezine ad would pull good results so in a sense it was just like advertising in a newspaper without ever having a guarantee for your advertising dollars. Then came lead purchasing & is widely used today. The advantage here is that you get a guarantee per dollar spent on advertising. Depending on how qualified the lead was (depending on how it’s generated & whether they are desiring specific info on your opportunity) would depend on the price of each lead. Leads can be purchased from just below a dollar per lead & up to nearly $15 each. Your job is to make sure they are in your marketing system getting the email series of information personalized with all your contact information as well as making contact with them assisting the potential client along with the information gathering process coming to a point of decision. In return if it’s a YES, in my case that would be at least $1000 and as high as $9700. That’s a pretty big BANG for your effort wouldn’t you say?

With all that being said, Now–today–there are tools and technology that allow you to reach 100 people in 1 hour. Imagine leaving 70 voice mails, talking to 20 different people looking for what you have and sending out 100 emails in 1 hour. INCREDIBLE POWER! Now back in 2002, all that would take me at least 6 hours if not more. Let’s take it a step further – Imagine reaching 50 people a day, sending out 300 situational emails and leaving over 200 voice mails all in 3 hours – certainly less than 4. You see – you really can be earning a FULL TIME income at a part-time effort especially if you are making $1000-$9700 EVERY TIME someone says YES! You can be in control of your financial destiny with technology & the right opportunity => this may be the one JUST for you!

Wasting Time with Your Home Business

Wasting Time with Your Home Business? Well I can certainly tell you if you found a business that you felt was right for you but came in with the following mindset:

1. I am going to give this a try to see what happens…

2. I will give this 90 days

3. I hope this is going to work

4. I hope this isn’t a scam (most home businesses aren’t by the way)

STOP NOW!!! YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! You will never see much if anything. Until you realize that the reality is that you REALLY aren’t commited, you will always be wasting your time. Commit, GET SERIOUS about your business and then you can be certain you will be investing your time wisely into your business and the results you desire will come.

Bigger Vision than EVER with Eric Dye

You can certainly obtain a “Bigger Vision than EVER” when you are making per month what most people earn in an entire year. Understanding life isn’t all about money – you need it to breath. If you find yourself so tight or in debt that you are stressed to the max on how you will make it until the end of the month, behind on your bills and don’t have any luxuries to spare you need to consider doing something different.

I remember being in a similar spot, and I couldn’t see hardly past that month let alone in the distant future. It is amazing how MONEY can change your thinking in a good way. You actually have more time to stop and think and create the life you want. Consider this LINK enroute to making a CHANGE TODAY. I clicked over 10 years ago – and BLESSED ever since.

7 Tips When Looking for a Home Business with Eric Dye

If you find yourself in search for a way to earn extra money from home or to even replace a former income and are looking for a home business to do that for you, here are some simple pointers to help you with your search.

1. Don’t focus on the upfront cost or investment – This should never be your ultimate concern.

2. Focus on the individual opportunity – is this something that will pay you well for your effort.

3. Is this something you can get excited about?

4. How long has the company or organization been around?

5. Know your WHY – why are you desiring a home business?

6. Look through the information as soon as you can that was given to you by a company rep.

7. Look at one business opportunity at a time.

These 7 simple steps will help you find what you are looking for…GOOD LUCK!

Coastal Vacations is a Stress Reliever with Eric Dye

The Coastal Vavations Business Opportunity is a stress reliever. Sometimes I have to control myself without sounding redundant or from being off on a limb but I am so thankful that I found this opportunity back in 2002. Who wants to wake up stressed out with the lack of money to pay your bills, lack of money to buy the things you need let alone wake up with debt – period? No one does! But since being involved with Coastal I have been able to relax, wake up with a sense of hope that I can achieve whatever I want and really make what I want – just simply put forth the effort consistently. I will admit I reward myself too often by taking a month off after having a $30,000 + month but I do believe as long as my pedal is to the FLOOR – making a million dollars in one year is doable. If you could use an extra $3000 a month click here or talk to me so we can get you set up in your new business giving you hope for a BRIGHTER future and a better quality of life.

Forming Productive Habits at UPS

To reach the level of production that you are desiring – forming productive habits is a must. I recall when I was employed at United Parcel Service how they had a method of teaching that would lead you to form productive habits. By forming a productive habit, this allows you to do certain things without thinking. It frees your mind to concentrate on those things that need specific random attention. I am sure you don’t have to think about walking down the street, running, riding a bike, chewing a piece of steak. These are habit forms. The tricky thing is that we could form a habit that is non-productive that could hurt your daily production or health. This is why it is good to have a personal coach tp help get you back on track.

As a driver for 13 years in the state of South Carolina and specifically in Greenville, SC – our supervisors would sporadically ride with us to see if we were being productive. This would be measured on how much time we spent sorting, how far back we would step into the vehicle, what finger we would put the key on when pulling it out of the ignition, how we would step down out of the vehicle in a safe productive manner, how we would measure the traffic versus safety all around us and how much time we would spend carrying on a conversation with the customer. The goal was to deliver 25 stops an hour which may sound easy but when you include 50, 50 pound packages to deliver (handcart a block and put them in someones basement) that would almost take 30-45 minutes alone. At 25 stops and hour that’s 1 stop every 2.4 minutes. I am sure you are already feeling the pressure. United Parcel Service is all about safe production – but without production there is NO BUSINESS and customer service.

What kind of business are you in? Are you in an industry that requires production? Are you in sales? Do you have someone assessing your daily activity to ensure you are getting the results that you or they want? If you don’t you should consider having a mentor to help assess your daily activities and process to find where you are losing your time, analyzing in a neutral setting and helping you be productive. It is important to form PRODUCTIVE HABITS which lead to SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!