Killing Your Tweets with One Click

Killing Your Tweets with One Click

If you are tapping into the popular social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin how are you keeping them all updated in timely fashion? That was my first thought when I first discovered social media and its alternative options. After running around the block with it all a few times I ran across Tweet Deck. With Tweet Deck, not only can you update Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin all with one click, you can do a whole lot more and be organized at that. It’s all about being effective, leveraging your time & convenience. This is your tool to do just that.

Here are some of its additional features:

* Manage conversations with @replies & direct message
* Stay Organized with Groups
* See what’s hot with local trends & Twitscoop
* Interactive & informative notifications
* Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily in one location

Let me know what you think about Tweet Deck vs other options you have experienced. ~E