Business Killer

Business Killer!

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see 95% of network marketers make is how they handle summers and the winter holiday period.  And if you are doing this, it will KILL your business.

It is no secret that during the summer months and the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years holidays, that the network marketing business has a tendency to slow down some.  Most businesses do.

People go on vacation and there is a natural tendency to be more slack, take time off, be less active, buy less, etc.

But as a network marketer if you get lulled into this vacation cycle mentality for working YOUR business, you will NEVER, EVER have success in this industry.

Let me show you why, by demonstrating a typical network marketers work habits:

JOE Network Marketer comes into the summer months and mentally decides everyone is on vacation (Not true! No one gets a 3 month vacation from their job except teachers and they usually work a second job) and so he tells himself he is going to take the summer off as Ill.  So right off the bat, that is 3 months out of the year he is not working!

Then around the middle of September, after the kids are back in school, he decides it is finally time to get back in action because EVERYONE is now back from vacation. (Again not true, but an easy way to mentally justify why he took the summer off).

So he starts back to work with a flurry, gets in the groove, prospecting, promoting, retailing product, etc.

The ONLY problem is it takes a couple of months to fill up the pipeline with prospects, get back in the swing of things and get the momentum going.

Ill by the time he does that, guess what?  It’s the middle of November.  And you know what that means, right?

Thanksgiving is coming and Christmas is right around the corner, and then New Years don’t you know.

I mean who works doing the holidays?  What’s the point?  Might as well wait until they are over. And besides there are so many good football games on.  So before he realizes it, it is the middle of January and 2 more months have gone down the drain.  And then the cycle starts all over AGAIN.

It takes another 2 months to get back in the groove. So it’s the middle of March, before he really gets humming.

He now has everything in place to REALLY start building for the next 2 good months – April and May! And boy does he.

BUT DARN IT ALL!!! It’s summer again. So he HAS to take summer off because EVERYONE is on vacation, right?

WRONG!!!  Point blank – I am going to give it to you straight.  This is the DUMBEST way in the world to build a network marketing business.  Yet this is the cycle that most network marketers get lulled into. I see it happen every year. And it is probably one of the BIGGEST reasons why so many fail.

This example brings up two issues you have to address in your business.  First, lack of discipline. Most people have never learned to discipline themselves to work for themselves. So they have a tendency to mentally give themselves all sorts of reasons and excuses why they should take time off.  And let me tell you it is so easy to do.

Think about this, “If you had an employee who worked for you, the way you work your network marketing business, would you keep them or fire them?”  Tough question, but the answer tells all.  And if you don’t discipline yourself, who will? It’s not going to be your boss. He likes that fact that you work for him.   If you want to be self-employed and make big checks, you have to learn to control your work habits.

If you want to achieve success in network marketing, you must discipline yourself to CONSISTENTLY work your business.

CONSISTENCY is the BIGGEST factor to your success in network marketing. More than talent or brains.

Second issue you need to address is: Incorrect thinking.  Everyone is NOT on vacation.

Yes business does slow a little. But guess what? There are so many OTHER people who take this VACATION mentality; there is less competition in the marketplace.  But more importantly… if you take the vacation attitude and slack off during the Summer and the Winter Holidays, guess what happens?  You miss the 2 HOTTEST times of the year in network marketing.

When are they?

Mid-January to mid-April, and then mid-September to mid-November.

And if you don’t spend the summer and winter holidays actively working the business, filling that funnel with prospects, when the hot periods HIT, you will have nothing in the pipeline.

And instead of reaping the harvest, you will be spending HOT periods trying to plant seeds. You will be missing the most productive times of year, because you slacked off during slower times.

You will NEVER, EVER be able to create momentum in your business if you fall into this vacation mentality trap.

Use the slower times to be planting seeds, consistently filling that pipeline. NEVER letting it get empty or stagnant.

There is a time to sow and there is a time to reap.

By knowing the cycles of network marketing throughout the year, you can strategically put yourself in place to take maximum advantage of them.

There are definitely times to take personal or family vacations and mini breaks. But there is no way you can continually take extended VACATIONS from building your network marketing business, and expect to have success. It is just not going to happen.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the BEST, by not disciplining yourself and consistently working during the slower times of the year, so you can take MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE of the HARVEST times.

If you apply this one principle to your network marketing business, you will NOT believe the difference it can make in your income after one year.

(By Brett Rademacher)

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Reaching More People Per Hour Making it Even Easier

Today’s technology makes it even easier to reach more people per hour than ever before. It’s because of technology that some nearly 10 years ago I found a business opportunity in an email that would allow me to work from home, even outside the Unites States which has enabled me to earn 6 figures annually over the duration of my tenure with the same organization since 2002.  When I got started in the day, the type of advertising mostly used was buying email list in bulk from reputable sources. After purchase you would then load them into your auto-responder email series provided by the organization and the masses would receive a series of emails about your specific business opportunity until they opted out or until they made a purchase. It worked very well. Ezine ads were also popular, affordable and worked but the downside was you never knew which ezine ad would pull good results so in a sense it was just like advertising in a newspaper without ever having a guarantee for your advertising dollars. Then came lead purchasing & is widely used today. The advantage here is that you get a guarantee per dollar spent on advertising. Depending on how qualified the lead was (depending on how it’s generated & whether they are desiring specific info on your opportunity) would depend on the price of each lead. Leads can be purchased from just below a dollar per lead & up to nearly $15 each. Your job is to make sure they are in your marketing system getting the email series of information personalized with all your contact information as well as making contact with them assisting the potential client along with the information gathering process coming to a point of decision. In return if it’s a YES, in my case that would be at least $1000 and as high as $9700. That’s a pretty big BANG for your effort wouldn’t you say?

With all that being said, Now–today–there are tools and technology that allow you to reach 100 people in 1 hour. Imagine leaving 70 voice mails, talking to 20 different people looking for what you have and sending out 100 emails in 1 hour. INCREDIBLE POWER! Now back in 2002, all that would take me at least 6 hours if not more. Let’s take it a step further – Imagine reaching 50 people a day, sending out 300 situational emails and leaving over 200 voice mails all in 3 hours – certainly less than 4. You see – you really can be earning a FULL TIME income at a part-time effort especially if you are making $1000-$9700 EVERY TIME someone says YES! You can be in control of your financial destiny with technology & the right opportunity => this may be the one JUST for you!

Your Perspective on a Home Business is Probably Wrong!

Your Perspective on a Home Business is Probably Wrong! You may have been friends with or knew somebody that was involved at one time in a home business of sorts and you didn’t like something about their company or their approach. I actually was one of those people – I used to laugh when someone would try to hustle me as that “SHARP PERSON” that would be a perfect fit for their home business. I was even approached in the delivery waiting room, 17 years ago yesterday when my son was born by a MLM dude trying to hustle me – I thought how “TACKY” – man back off – get a life man! But here is the thing…these people are so excited they CAN’T CONTROL themselves. They see hope, prosperity in the near distance because they want to change their situation. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired working for a butt-head boss (sorry but telling it like it is) or weary of living pay check to pay check – that get’s so tiring. If you think that every home business is a SCAM – you are dead wrong! In fact most are legitimate opportunities but where the SCAM comes into play is when someone says you will become rich tomorrow – or guarantee you success in X amount of time. There will certainly always be work involved but think of this – how hard would it be to share an opportunity where one could earn $3000 EVERY TIME – per sale? Are you getting up out of your chair? So here is the question: Are you living check to check? When was the last time you took a real vacation? When was the last time you did what you wanted to when you wanted to? I am telling you that the home business industry is the only way to turn your situation into a positive 360 degree turn – helping you get a clear view the way it was meant to be! Don’t be blinded by what your perspective has always been on home business, but know the reality is – it is YOUR ONLY WAY to turn your luck and fortune around FAST – if you really want it bad enough! ~ Eric Dye

What AIN’T Broke Don’t Need Fixin…

In the day and age when everyone, well almost everyone could use extra money for many different reasons it is comforting to know there is a place to come to! After a series of choices and an investment that went bad back in 2002, I turned to the internet and found Coastal Travel Business. What grabbed my immediate attention was the fact that you could earn $1000-$9705 EVERY TIME. In my situation at the time, I thought if I just made 2 sales a month, I could see myself getting out of debt quickly. What actually happened was incredible. I began to get calls from the last place on earth you would even think of in getting my 1st 3 profit sales. I had a gal in Cairo Egypt who gave me a call here in Brazil ready to get started. Not only was that amazing in itself but she went on to make 5 sales of her own in less than 2 months. I had a gentleman that contacted me from Bahrain in the same fashion. He too got started and went on to make profit sales. He sent me gifts for my assisting him when he needed it. Folks, this is a real business that brings REAL RESULTS. This is not MLM, you don’t need to build some kind a downline to make good money and you do not need to keep buying to stay active. Just a onetime investment of one of the 3 memberships and according to which one that you buy determines whether you authorized to earn $1000 every time or $9705. For more info give me a call direct at 864.640.8505 or click here.